Most humidifiers currently on the market rely on pressure to keep the water from flowing out of the tank. In the classic humidifier design, the water drops below a certain level, the humidifier tank takes a gulp of air, and lets some water out until the pressure equalizes again. The design is great because it is self-regulating and reliable, however, it makes loud gurgling noises every time it refills and the tank has to be completely sealed making it hard to clean. If the tank is not sealed, even the tiniest leak will cause the entire contents of the tank to empty onto wherever it is sitting.

With InvisiPure's Patented Magnetic Suspension Technology, water is only let in when necessary and it does not rely on pressure to control water levels so the tank can be designed to easily come apart for cleaning.

Easy to Clean, Easy to Fill

Utilizing magnetic suspension technology, allows us to make large openings without having to worry about water leaking. The result? A humidifier that's easy to fill and easy to clean. No more using weird brushes or rock salt to try to get into the hard-to-reach areas. Now you can just open the top and put your whole hand inside with a standard brush or sponge to clean. Another advantage to this design is the large opening from the top allows you to fill the humidifier without having to carry the tank back and forth from the sink. You can just use any household pitcher and pour it in from the top.

Use essential oils

If you have ever used essential oils in a standard humidifier you will notice that after some time it will cause the humidifier to crack and leak. It is because essential oils will degrade certain types of plastics over time and are not safe for use with essential oils. We chose to use BPA-free plastic that is safe for use with essential oils. Go ahead and drop in your favorite oil directly into the tank or into the basin and it will never leak or harm the humidifier.